Style Crush: Bevy Smith

31 August 2011, 14:19. Posted by Diva

She’s the go to gal for all things social. Bevy Smith is a professional diner party hostess with the most-ess! We’ve got a style crush on her.

Find this Harlem, New Yorker in the latest issue of Essence Magazine. As she tells the tale of a curvy girl who, as a teenager, discovers the super power of spandex and the attention is attracts.

With her moms encouragement and reminder of her brick house beauty, Bevy hit the streets of New York in her spandex catsuit. By the end of summer she was sharing the stretchy neon experience of the 80′s with girls from the block.

Now, twenty years later the teenage Coke bottle shaped cutie is long gone. Smith says, “My old confidence stemmed soollely from having a great shape. My confidence today exudes from my being a smart, well traveled, successful woman. Now when I swivel into a room… I still garner attention- except now its no longer fleeting. I hold it.  I’ve earned it.”


Bevy hosts the professional dinner party “Dinner with Bevy” for fashion, art, and entertainment industries tastemakers.


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